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Magnetizer 412B
This magnetizer is equipped with ECS Technology.(more details)
The Model 412B magnetizer provides many of the features of the Oersted Technology 300-series magnetizers in a small benchtop cabinet. This unit is designed for magnetizing parts which require lower energy levels due to their size or the magnetic material used. Like the 300-series magnetizers, the 412B is an ECS magnetizer, which allows the user to electronically vary the capacitance of the unit. The capacitor banks are internally discharged through a safety circuit in case of power failure or accidental power-down. When the 412B is connected to a properly equipped fixture, the front-panels can be inhibited through an overtemperature interlock circuit, preventing the magnetizer from being operated once the fixture begins to overheat. An external output is also provided for monitoring the magnetizing current pulse with an oscilliscope.
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