Magnetizer 340B
This magnetizer is equipped with ECS Technology.(more details)
The Model 300-series magnetizers are designed to handle a variety of magnetizing applications and materials, from small Alnico parts to large blocks of neodymium-iron. Each of these magnetizers feature patented ECS (Electronic Capacitance Switching) technology, which allows the user to change the capacitance of the unit through the front panel. By setting the charging voltage and capacitance of the magnetizer properly, the user can then scale the output energy of the unit to match the magnetizing fixture being used. The 300-series magnetizers also includes a peak current meter, which automatically captures the peak current of the magnetizing pulse once it occurs. A safety circuit internally discharges the capacitor banks if mains power is removed from the magnetizer or if the cabinet is opened during operation. When connected to a suitable magnetizing fixture, the magnetizer is able to disable its front panel controls if the fixture overheats. Other features include a lockout keyswitch and a current sense output jack (this connects to an oscilliscope for viewing of the magnetizing pulse). All 300-series magnetizers can be modified for computer control, photocell trigger, or autocharge operation.
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