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Magnetics Services
Prototype Magnetizing
Oersted Technology is commited to providing for all of our customer's magnetics needs. In some cases, a small batch of parts must be magnetized before a customer's magnetizer or magnetizing fixture is completed and shipped. In situations like this, we are able to magnetize prototype parts so that our customers can begin testing of their products immediately.
Experience with the Speaker Industry
Oersted Technology has a great deal of experience with companies involved in the design and production of loudspeakers. We understand the unique magnetics problems involved in magnetizing speakers and are willing to assist you in designing the speaker's magnetic structure so that it is optimized for the magnetizing process (by reducing eddy currents in the basket structure, for example). We have designed and built C-Frame magnetizing fixtures for magnetizing large ferrite car audio speakers and are using a new method of fixture design that greatly reduces heating (which allows for a faster cycle rate). If you are currently magnetizing your parts manually, Oersted Technology can create an automated magnetizing system that will allow you to increase your production rate and save on labor costs.
Magnetizer Characterization
Oersted Technology provides magnetizer characterization and safety evaluation services to companies who need technical information for an existing magnetizer or set of magnetizers. These services are performed on-site in order to minimize magnetizer down-time and avoid interruptions in production. To properly design a magnetizing fixture for a given magnetizer, several things must first be known about the magnetizer's operation and electrical properties. This information may be supplied by the magnetizer's manufacturer, but may not be accurate or may change if the magnetizer is modified. Our tests will give you valuable information about the actual performance and characteristics of your magnetizer, which can then be used to design a magnetizing fixture that is optimized for it.
On-site Training and Seminars
If your company is interested in learning more about magnetics and magnetizer operation, we offer training at our facility free of charge. We also offer on-site training at your facility for a small fee. If you or your company would like to learn more about magnetics topics, we offer on-site seminars customized for your area of interest. Our training and seminars tell you how to get the most out of your magnetic test instrumentation and magnetizing equipment, while also providing an informative look into the field of magnetics.
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