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Magnetics Products
Magnetizing Equipment
Magnetizers Oersted Technology magnetizers are extremely versatile and feature our patented ECS (Electronic Capacitance Switching) technology, as well as built-in peak current meters. With one Oersted Technology magnetizer, you can eliminate the need for several fixed-capacitance machines.
Model 330B Max. Energy: 32,000 Joules
Model 340B Max. Energy: 25,600 Joules
Model 345B Max. Energy: 12,800 Joules
Model 350B Max. Energy: 6,400 Joules
Model 412B Max. Energy: 3,200 Joules
Model 441A /
Model 446A
Max. Energy: 660 Joules
Magnetizing Fixtures The magnetizing fixture converts the electrical energy produced by the magnetizer into the magnetic energy necessary to magnetize a given part. Oersted Technology magnetizing fixtures are custom-designed for your part geometry and application. Fixtures can be designed either for use with Oersted Technology magnetizers or with magnetizers made by other manufacturers.
Magnetic Measurement
Helmholtz Coils A Helmholtz coil is used to either accurately measure or
accurately produce a static magnetic field. Typical applications include quality testing of magnetic parts and generation of a steady magnetic field for laboratory purposes.
Fluxmeter Model 480 Fluxmeters measure the change of magnetic flux (flux density times area) by integrating voltage from a coil with time. They can be used to measure the average field in inaccessible places. Connected to a Helmholtz coil, they are used to measure the magnetic moment (flux density times volume) of permanent magnets, which is useful for quality control.
Gaussmeters Gaussmeters are used to measure magnetic fields at specific points on a magnetic surface. This measurement can be performed in a thin gap (such as in an audio speaker) or other hard-to-reach areas. A variety of gaussmeter probes allow for axial, transverse, and multi-axial measurements.
Model 410 A handheld, battery-powered gaussmeter, with integral axial or transverse probe.  
Model 421 A laboratory-grade gaussmeter with resolution to 4 3/4 digits and part sorting features.  
Model 450 A high-accuracy, laboratory-grade gaussmeter with resolution to 5 3/4 digits.  
Model 460 A triaxial / multiple-probe compatible gaussmeter with resolution to 5 3/4 digits.  
Other Equipment
Conditioners and
Conditioners and demagnetizers adjust magnet parts so that their field strength and overall performance within an application is repeatable from one part to the next. The part can be adjusted to produce a particular field level or to meet a general tolerance specification.
Automated Systems An automated system allows the magnetizing process to be integrated into a production environment. Parts may be magnetized as they are travelling down a conveyor belt or loaded onto an indexing mechanism (for multipole magnetization).
Magnetic Viewing Film This green plastic film changes color when placed near a magnetic field, making it useful for determining whether a part is magnetized or for viewing the magnetic pattern of parts with multiple poles.
Accessories We offer several useful accessories for our magnetics products, including chillers, magnetic pole detectors, temperature readouts, and electrically-insulating floor mats.
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