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Magnet Suppliers
Allstar Magnetics is a global distributor of magnetic materials, including permanent magnets and franchised lines of linear ferrites. Allstar provides licensed neodymium-iron, samarium-cobalt, alnico, ceramic, and bonded magnets and assemblies to businesses operating in all markets and industries.
Arnold Magnetic Technologies is a global leader in magnet manufacturing and precision assemblies with facilities in the United States,United Kingdom,Switzerland and China. Engineering design services are also available including 2D and 3D modeling.
Magnetics Reference Materials
Brushless Permanent Magnet Motor Design, 2nd ed.
by Duane Hanselman

This book starts with basic concepts, provides intuitive reasoning for them, and gradually builds a set of understandable concepts for the design of brushless permanent magnet motors. The text does not assume that you know all of the jargon of motor design before reading the book, but rather it introduces and explains it, so that this and other books make sense. Comprehensive design equations and guidelines for motor design are developed. Over 50 motor designs ranging from a 2-pole / 3-slot motor to a 32-pole / 36-slot motor are illustrated. Each design includes a motor cross section, winding layout, and performance details.

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