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Founder of Oersted Technology in 1997: Joseph Stupak Jr. -
Oersted Technology offers an innovative line of magnetizers, magnetizing fixtures, and magnetic/electromagnetic equipment for use in manufacturing, research, and development applications. Specifically, we provide products for use in the production and testing of permanent magnets, motors, and electromagnetic systems. Through careful design and testing, Oersted Technology is able to provide you with magnetic/electromagnetic equipment that is both accurate and reliable.
Our magnetizers are extremely versatile and use patented Electronic Capacitance Switching (ECS) technology, which allows the user to switch capacitance electronically.
Our patented magnetizing fixtures are powerful and they produce very high magnetic fields to magnetize your products with high accuracy magnets. All of our fixtures are designed specifically for the userís application and they are very safe. They are used to magnetize Alnico, Ceramic ferrite, Neodymium, Samarium Cobalt magnets, and other special magnet powders. Moreover, we offer a variety of magnetizing fixtures with different configurations to magnetize different magnet geometries. In addition, we have developed and patented new technologies in magnetizing fixtures to reduce power losses and heating during the magnetization process of permanent magnets. Finite element simulations have been performed to analyze our designs to obtain products with a high quality for our customers. In addition to our magnetic product line, we offer customized magnetic equipment and a variety of engineering services valuable to the magnetic and electromagnetic industry, such as prototype magnetizing and magnet measurements.
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