Model 480 Fluxmeter
Measures DC or AC magnetic fields (up to 50kHz)

Peak mode allows fast magnetizing pulses to be captured

Automatic and manual drift-compensation modes

Storage of setup parameters for up to 10 coils

High-visibility vacuum-fluorescent display is easily read at a distance

Analog voltage outputs, 3 user-configurable output relays, RS232C port, and IEEE-488 port
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Price: $ 2,772
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The Model 480 is a laboratory grade fluxmeter, for use with a Helmholtz coil or custom search coils. This instrument measures the total flux of a magnet part, which can be related to the magnetic field strength. Applications include magnet testing, magnetizing, and automated field measurement. In order to provide accurate and repeatable measurements, automatic or manual drift compensation is available to the user. A peak mode allows even the fastest magnetic pulse, such as those from a magnetizer, to be accurately measured. The Model 480 is also useful for measuring AC fields that are too high in frequency for a gaussmeter to detect. Relay outputs and an external reset input allow for simple automation functions to be implemented, while the RS232C and IEEE-488 ports permit advanced control of the fluxmeter via a remote computer or automation equipment.
General Specifications
Input Type Two lead (double-banana plug), ground referenced
Input Resistance 100kOhm or 10kOhm
Resolution 0.0005mVs (dependent on search coil type)
Accuracy, DC (displayed) ± 0.25% of reading
Accuracy, AC (displayed) ± 1% of reading (10 Hz - 10 kHz)
Frequency Range 2 Hz - 50 kHz
Update Rate 5 readings / sec (display); up to 30 readings / sec on ports
Display Resolution ± 5 3/4 digits (varies with measurement mode)
Measurement Modes DC, DC Peak, AC, AC Peak
Measurement Features Peak hold, automatic drift compensation, storage of setup parameters
Measurement Units V-s, MxN, WbN, VsPhi, MxPhi, Gauss, Tesla, Wb-cm
Front Panel Display Vacuum-Flourescent, high-visibiliy blue, 2 lines x 20 characters
Communication Ports RS232C (9600 Baud) / IEEE-488 (complies with IEEE-488.2)
Alarms (3) Settings High/low set point, inside/outside, audible
Actuators Display annunciator, beeper, relays
Temperature Range 15 - 35° C (operating temp; 5 - 40° with reduced accuracy)
Input Power 100, 120, 220, 240 VAC 50/60Hz (select voltage when ordering)
Analog Outputs
Analog Output 1
(monitor output)
Configuration Real-time analog output voltage
Output Voltage ± 3V = ± FS on selected range
Accuracy Dependent on search coil used
Frequency Response DC to 10 kHz
Analog Output 2
(corrected output)
Configuration Output voltage from DAC
Output Voltage ± 10V (Model 480-10: ± 10V)
Accuracy ± 2.5 mV
Connector Detachable terminal block
Net Weight 6.6 lbs (3 kg)
Size (W x H x D) 8.5" x 3.5" x 12.5" (217mm x 90mm x 317mm; half-rack package)
Package Contents Fluxmeter, manual, terminal-block mating connector, line cord
Software Labview driver (available for download)
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